Review of HostGator

Using HostGator coupons changed my perspective

There was once a time when I hosted websites on hosting providers other than HostGator. I have tried GoDaddy as well as 000webhost. None of these web hosting services came close to HostGator. The main difference between the competitors is that HostGator has the best customer service I have ever dealt with. The first hosting service I went with was GoDaddy. This is because of the familiar name as well as the commercials I would always see on television.


They seemed to consistently rank on top of google results when searching for a great host to use. Further reading on the matter pointed me to the fact that they ranked so well because of paid referrals. They is not ranked as high in the results because instead of cashing out their money on referrals to people who will never give honest reviews of their products, HostGator uses their money to help out their customers. Since their web hosting customer service was so great and left a lasting impression, I am going to do a review.


The Start Of My Hostgator Review

 hostgator coupons

The internet is fairly new on the timeline of human history. When it first started, there was a minority of people who had access, but as time went on this amount grew. Today, the internet is a giant library with a wealth of information on any topic you were ever curious about. Everyone who has access can create their own website and spread their information. Most use this privilege for good, while others are online to scam and make fast money. Before you begin your journey of creating a web page, make sure you have a clear idea of what information you want to provide.

When you first choose to create a webpage that is accessible to anyone, it seems like a daunting task. This is why it is very important to have a solid hosting provider backing your site. HostGator is a perfect foundation to build your site on. The company was founded in Texas by Brent Oxley in 2002. When it first started it was only a few servers but since then has pass 12 thousand servers.


Review Of Hostgator Today


With this massive amount of resource, HostGator is about to contain more than 8 million domains which equates to over one percent of all internet traffic today. With so many customers it is amazing to see that they receive high customer satisfaction daily. This is because every day HostGator takes their time in analyzing your problems and helping you fix them. They are not satisfied with taking your money, they want you to succeed.

The happiness of their customers can be boiled down to a few main key points. The first, as mentioned earlier is that any HostGator page you visit will have a link to their direct customer service. You can have a live chat with them over the internet or through the telephone. I would personally recommend the telephone for a fast response and instructions that are incredibly clear.


Final Thoughts On This Hosting Provider


They are always happy and willing to help you work through problems. The second key point is their uptimes. I can not recall a time where my website was not online because of a failure of their servers. They is consistently upgrading and adding onto their services to make sure that you are happy and have the best hosting that is available on the internet. The final key point is the amazing discounts that are available to you. I have a HostGator coupon that offers a 1 cent month, as well as savings of 25%.

After reading this review of HostGator I am hopeful that they will be your new web hosting provider in the near future. For each service offered you will not be disappointed in what you receive. And while saving 25% every time you use them as your web host, what’s not to love?