How to Install WordPress

Install WordPress with a HostGator Coupon

If you have been considering installing WordPress on your hosting server and decided to go ahead and install it, you have made an excellent choice. WordPress is a trusted Content Management System (CMS) and used by millions of high functioning websites. The following are some simple instructions to have your website up and running within fifteen minutes of using your HostGator coupon that is found on the home page.

Once you get your log in details to your control panel from HostGator, log in and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side you should see this box.

hostgator nameserversWhat you will want to do is copy down the name servers, because you will need to use them to point your domain name to your hosting account. Then we can get started on installing WordPress. Once you have followed the guide on how to point your domain to HostGator, continue to the next step.

Great! You now have your domain pointing to your web hosting, but you still have no website. Not to worry, setting up hosting is the quick part. Go back to your HostGator control panel and scroll down to the software/services section. Here you will see Fantastico De Luxe. Click that to take you to the installer page.

fantasticoOnce you have clicked on Fanastico, select WordPress from the left hand menu and click new installation.

wordpress installFrom here Select the domain in the first box that you want to install it on. IMPORTANT: Leave the “Install in directory” box blank. In the Admin access data boxes, come up with a username and password. This is used to log into WordPress. I usually go with “admin” for the username, and something easy to remember for the password. The final thing you must do is fill out the box for the site name. This will show up when you log in as your site name.

installing wordpress hostgatorAll that is left is to hit install WordPress and then Finish installation. Congratulations you are done! To log into your new interface, go to

Simple Steps:

  1. Use a HostGator Coupon found HERE
  2. Point your domain to HostGator (Guide)
  3. Open up Fantastico from the control panel
  4. Select WordPress and fill out the install form
  5. Click install and finish installation
  6. Go to to log in to your new WordPress site